Sunday, August 19, 2007

lost + found : 08.06-08.07

alright, here goes gang. i finally managed to nail down a set of songs after a ridiculous number of iterations. I decided early on to limit myself to just my most recent acquisitions -- a 40gb subset of music from the last year -- to try to force some discovery. the resulting effort that went into this only further proves that i've been asleep at the wheel since I stopped posting regularly.

i wanted to stay true to the mixxclub conventions, so I composed everything in iTunes, using the built-in 12-second crossfade and minor track clipping to create transitioning. To download the complete mix in a .zip archive and listen to individual tracks in the included playlist, right click here and "Save as..." It's nearly 100MB, so it'll take a minute.

if you subscribe to the Radioredcontroldeck podcast, then you'll already have this playlist available in podcast-form in iTunes. The episode was created using iTunes and Audiohijack and includes chapter markers and artwork. Click here to subscribe.

1. listen to my song DARONDO
2. diamond dancer BILL CALLAHAN
3. cola bottle baby EDWIN BIRDSONG
4. gris gris gumbo ya ya DR. JOHN / MORCHEEBA
5. black swan THOM YORKE
6. hurt NEW ORDER
7. love kills JOE STRUMMER
8. leyendecker BATTLES
9. solar system THE DUDE
10. incinerate SONIC YOUTH
11. crosseyed and painless TALKING HEADS
12. summer rain RICHARD LLOYD
13. sacrificial bonfire XTC
14. love will tear us apart (peel session) JOY DIVISION
15. panda DUNGEN
17. saliva MF DOOM and RJD2
18. lonely weekends CHARLIE RICH
19. nowhere to go ALLEN TOUSSAINT

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lesley said...

this isn't my official review or anything but nice mix man. It only took you like 4 years but wow...