Saturday, May 5, 2007

Live at Bootycaan

Hello Omaha
ummm errrr New York!


01 Fuck -The Kleptones
02 Reject All American -Bikini Kill
03 Independence -The Blue Van
04 You Cant Judge a Book By Its Cover -Bo Diddley
05 Unconsciously Screamin' -The Flaming Lips
06 amplifier -jucifer
07 I Changed My Mind -Lyrics Born
08 Fever -Pink Grease
09 Mary Jane (DJ Green Lantern Evil Genius Remix) -Rick James
10 Mary-Christ -Sonic Youth
11 Juicy Fruit -Rudy Green
12 Henrietta -The Fratellis
13 Garbage Man -Ike Turner Presents The Family Vibes
14 Bongo Bong -Manu Chao
15 The Stars Are My Chandelier -David Dondero
16 Have Mercy -Loretta Lynn
17 Balloon Race Phenomenon -Lonesome Organist
18 The Thing -The Dirtbombs
19 Seneca Falls -The Distillers
20 Smoke & Wine -Hank Williams III
21 Singin' a Song About Today -Mooney Suzuki
22 oceanman (live) -Ween
23 Swan Swan H (From The "Athens, Georgia: Inside Out" Soundtrack) -R.E.M.
24 Pink Lemonade -Unbunny
25 whenever i wake up - Karen O


mkudlacz said...

[posted on Dylan's behalf]

What's up, peoples?

Les is right. . . this mix club is off to a whimpering start. Let's
get crackin', crackers. I am definitely one to blame, sitting on my
ass over here offering nothin' but cricket noises.

That ends tonight, motherfuckers!

"f" (The Kleptones): There aren't many better ways to start a mix
than a bunch of expletives laid over a Queen sample. And I'm pretty
sure Kathleen Hanna would think it was hilarious that "And now for
some pink noise" is the last thing you hear before. . .

"Reject All American" (Bikini Kill): Not bad, for a bunch of girls.
Just kidding. Actually, I never got into Hanna/Bikini Kill/Le Tigre,
although I always had respect for 'em. Plus, they pretty much made it
cool for hipsters to like Joan Jett again, and I love me some Joan
Jett. I remember being at a college party in Columbia, MO, and someone
throwing on a Jett record. I sat there just blown away that someone
else in the world didn't think she sucked.

"Indepedence" Blue Van: I know nothing of these guys. Pretty good, but
probably a lot more fun and engaging in a live setting.

"You Can't Judge a Book . . . " Bo Diddley: Fuck yeah! The fact that
this song follows the Blue Van makes the Blue Van song sound that much
cooler. This is the point in Mike's mix where I wish we were at a bar
and all of this was coming out of some jukebox that no one, not even
the bar's owner, has any control over.

"Unconsciously Screamin'" Flaming Lips: I expected an entire mix of
stuff like this from Mike. . . one where you'd need a few heavy doses
of acid to really get the vibe. Although, a few hits of acid would be
nice anyway. Anybody holding? This is one of the better old Lips
songs. I'm not a huge fan of their back catalogue (it is probably
reason #1 why it took me about a decade to fall in love with them),
but like I said, I never had the right drugs.

"Amplifier" Jucifer: This would probably be the track most skipped.
It's not metal enough to rock hard, and not melodic enough to make the
contrast of the heavy music against the voices sound interesting. It
just kind of chugs along like a big old deep fart. This would be the
point where the acid I took 8 minutes ago really freaked me the fuck
out. So maybe that makes it cool?

"I Changed My Mind" Lyrics Born: I'm glad to see at least one other
person on earth bought that Quannum Spectrum CD. That would be a much
better album if it didn't have that Mack B Dog asshole talking over
the intro and outro of most of the good tracks. Fucking irritating. I
always liked this song, and then I heard Lyrics Born's project with
Lateef the Truth Speaker, Latyrx and realized his true genius. The
craziest thing about this dude is that HE'S NOT BLACK! You get down
with your bad self, you WopJap!

"Fever" Pink Grease: By this point in the mix, I'm really bummed I'm
not hearing this stuff in a bar or club. Because then I might be
grinding up against someone, instead of sitting here like the dork I
am, typing away on a computer and not coming anywhere close to getting
laid. I've always wanted to start my own dance rock band.

"Mary Jane" Rick James: This is pretty cool, but I've always been a
fan of the original, which sounds about as 1970s as it gets. This
remix never leaves the ground by comparison.

"Mary-Christ" Sonic Youth: Must. . . not . . . comment. . . on . . .
Lesley's. . . taste. This was the record that got me into Sonic Youth.
I first heard it at Camp Foster (a YMCA camp where your parents drop
you off for a week and you go shoot arrows and guns), from the stereo
of a dude who would become one of my best friends in high school
(Steve Hendricks, in case Matt is wondering). This record, and this
song especially, just sounded like pure evil to my junior high ears.
That Raymond Pettibon cover art (""I stole my sister's boyfriend. It
was all whirlwind, heat, and flash. Within a week we killed my parents
and hit the road.") didn't make it any less scary.

"Juicy Fruit" Rudy Green: Ladies and gentlemen, the last heterosexual
man to ever refer to himself as Juicy Fruit and get away with it.
Great stuff. Now I know where to point when Little Richard claims to
have invented rock with stuff like "Tutti Fruiti." I have to forget
that we all decided that segues were not part of the critiques here,
because the Sonic Youth dropped in between these two brothas makes me
feel out of place for a minute.

"Henrietta" The Fratellis: Thanks for throwing this on there, because
I keep reading about these guys but haven't heard anything. Very cool
stuff, like a dancier White Stripes. These guys are playing
Lollapalooza this year, and I hear they're one of the bands you can't
miss. You guys going?

"The Stars are My Chandelier" David Dondero: Ah, the proto-Oberst.
One of my favorites on this disc. Conor should be fucking embarassed
that the guy he steals his schtick from is still living and breathing.
And isn't Dondero on Oberst's label now? That's fuckin' rich. Does
anyone else's copy of this have little skips in it about a minute from
the end?

"Have Mercy" Loretta Lynn: This one is beyond critique. I'm sure we
all own this record, but if you don't, what's wrong with you? Fuck Ice
Cube, I saw a sign on the Goodyear blimp that said "Loretta Lynn's a
pimp." Gotta say it was a good day.

"Garbage Man" Ike Turner: Look, maybe Tina needed some slapping up.
How come John Lennon gets a free ride for hitting his wife and Ike's
career is forever tainted? Because Lennon's wife couldn't sing? Well
Lennon may have been in the Beatles, but Ike invented rock n' roll,
and I'm not hearing anything else on the matter. Plus, look at the
music Tina Turner made without him. . . sheesh, I'd take a few smacks
if it meant I'd never have to record a piece of shit like "Private
Dancer." This track is decent, but nowhere near a favorite as far as
Ike goes. That backbeat is weak, and the whole thing is sort of a

"Bongo Bong" Manu Chao: King of the bongo? As far as being the king
of a musical instrument, bongo ranks just above flugelhorn. King of
Rock, King of the Nighttime World, King of Pop. . . you have to go
like 334 names down the list to get to the king of bongo. Maybe if one
of you had come through with those hits of acid I'd mentioned earlier.

"Balloon Race Phenomenon" Lonesome Organist: Really liked this one,
and I imagined it being used in an action sequence in a movie. I'm
thinking of a chase scene between two 70 year old men, which would be
pretty hilarious.

"The Thing" The Dirtbombs: Yeah! Love the Dirtbombs. What song are
they stealing that main guitar line from, though? It's on the Nuggets
box set, I think. Matt, is it that "Fight Fire" song?

"Smoke & Wine" Hank Williams III: The only good thing to come out of
Hank Williams Jr seems to have come from his cock. I'm almost positive
that Hank Sr. would own all of Hank the III's records, and he'd be a
little embarassed about his own son's output. "Are you ready for some
football?" Fuck you. I hear this guy's shows are awesome, with half
the set dedicated to country and the other half dedicated to his
hillbilly speed metal.

"Seneca Falls" The Distillers: Brody Dalle is the new Joan Jett. I'm
not saying the torch has been passed, I'm just saying I want to sleep
with her. If you ever wondered what Courtney Love would sound like if
you tore her ridiculous brain out and replaced it with that of someone
who doesn't suck. No complaints here, but the file itself sounds like

"Singin' a Song About Today" Mooney Suzuki: I think I'd like these
guys more if I had never seen them live. That guy and his sunglasses
kind of killed 'em for me. I've heard people complain about Amy
Winehouse by saying, "If I want to hear those old soul and Motown
records, I'd rather just listen to the originals." I kind of feel that
way about the Mooney Suzuki.

"Swan Swan H" R.E.M.: Every year, I go through a 2 month period where
I fall back in love with old R.E.M. God, they were great before that

"Ocean Man" Ween: One of my favorite Ween songs, and that's a
somewhat short list. Nice to have a cool live version of this. . . I
wish they hadn't played opposite Death Cab at Lollapalooza. I would
have liked to have seen them, but it's more important for me to stand
in a crowd where I'm the alpha male. I like the idea of being at a
show like that, where you know if things got ugly, you could probably
kick the entire crowd's ass. Imagine a remake of "300," but it's just
me fighting off a sea of Death Cab fans. You'd keep all those
slow-motion fight sequences, but instead of swords and decapitations,
it would be me whipping kids with a white leather belt, knocking their
horn-rimmed glasses off their heads and sending their shoulder bags
full of rare 7'' records off into the horizon.

"Pink Lemonade" Unbunny: I'm sorry, I'm still imagining my "300"
spoof. I think I might like this track more if it weren't a part of
this mix. Does that make any sense?

Okay, so that's it for Mike's mix. Thanks for reading, if you made it this far.

I'm putting my mix together and should have it available for download
in the next day or two. Stay tuned!

If you need some music to tide you over, I just posted what amounts to
half a podcast over at Check it out if
you're bored.


lulustordahl said...

Okay for real, we're already midway through May! Let's do this! I can't wait for Dyl's post!

cheso said...


Yes, I know. I’m late on this. Sorry. I really have no excuse. Except I have been busy at work lately. That’s all I got.

Alright, let’s get to it! Excited?

Upon my first listen of Mike’s mix, I realized one thing about this man that I did not know before, he likes to get his groove on. Who knew Mike liked to cut a rug? It was a pleasant surprise.
The mix also had a very sexy sound to it. So what I am really saying is, Mike also likes to get it on. I mean, the sharing of the shower pouf hinted to that, but so did the song choice, “Garbage Man”

I loved the opening of the mix, starting off with, The Kleptones, really set the mood for the mix. And it was totally unexpected.

And it was a nice transistion into Bikini Kill. I am not a big fan of them. (sorry Les) But, I loved that song. Very poppy and fun. Made we wanna dance around in my underwear and jump up on the bed while using my hairbrush as a microphone. Basically, it made me want to be Elizabeth Shue. Weird. Who knew that song could inspire such cuteness?

My favorite tracks: (I’m excluding Bongo Bong and Have Mercy, because, duh.) Reject all American, The Thing, Amplifier, Mary-Christ, Independence, Henrietta, Pink Lemonade (had a very seventies sound, right up my alley) Singin’ a Song about Today, and Ocean Man ( I’m always surprised to find out that I love Ween)

Mike, these were all songs and/or bands I had never heard of. Goo is my favorite Sonic Youth album. Really, the only sonic youth album I know and enjoy. So, maybe Favorite is a little strong.

My least favorite tracks, the ones I skipped most of the time: Fever, I Changed My Mind, Seneca Falls (sounds too much like Courtney Love) Garbage Man (although I like it, but I did skip it too, have to be in the mood) Smoke & Wine ( 3 stars, so I like it, I appreciate it, but, not my thing) and Mary Jane. (and yes, that’s probably a shocker to all)

The Dondero track was a stand out track just because it didn’t really sound like the others. It definitely doesn’t inspire any bootie grooving. I thought it was refreshing choice to include in the mix. I rated it 3 stars. I like moments of the song. I am also not a huge fan of Conor. And yes, I know, Dondero was first. Conor’s the poser. Got it.

Overall, I thought this mix was great. It kept me company on the train. It made me smile, it made me sob. I think this was a perfect kickoff for our Mix of the Month Club. I feel like I know Mike better. I now know that he’s a perverted dude that likes to bootie groove.

Thanks Mike. Solid Mix Mastering.